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Living Large in the World’s Biggest City

When a young, savvy architecture/real estate development team from Mexico City came to us with a dream of making their company the go-to name for luxury housing in Mexico City, we knew we had an incredible opportunity on our hands. This is no small goal in any city—let alone the …

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Luxury Spotlight – Francis and Alexander Spas

A trip to the spa is an indulgence of luxury living.  But when that spa is among the best in the world, it’s a whole new level of luxury, offering its guest the closest thing possible to heaven on earth.  Madplum Creative is proud to be in alliance with expert …

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Writer Spotlight – Andrea Carla Michaels

  When it comes to words, there are few people better than Andrea Carla Michaels. As Michaels proudly states, “words are my entire life”. Madplum Creative is thrilled to have Michaels as a creative resource, utilizing her expertise in naming. Yes, naming. Michaels is a namer, a profession built from …

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