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How To: The 5 Step Guide to Creating Buyer Personas

Most marketers recognize that target buyers have different tastes, preferences, and behaviors. However, many marketers and business owners today don’t spend enough time exploring and mapping those behaviors during their digital marketing planning process. We see too often brands creating generic content and designs for their online properties that do not have …

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Enhancing The Customer Experience Through Intentional Design

In today’s digital world, it is easy to focus on pushing out tweets and posts talking about your company’s latest and greatest and then updating your website to show your digital savvy. And while you may have a brilliant strategy for all these communications, there’s one thing that some companies …

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Experiential Event Marketing: Creating Lasting Impressions

If social media can get people talking about your brand, experiential event marketing gets them hands on. Interactive marketing is not a new concept but when you add social media and new technologies, it takes on a whole new meaning. Experiential marketing lets prospects sample your brand in a way …

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