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Luxury Spotlight – Francis and Alexander Spas

A trip to the spa is an indulgence of luxury living.  But when that spa is among the best in the world, it’s a whole new level of luxury, offering its guest the closest thing possible to heaven on earth.  Madplum Creative is proud to be in alliance with expert spa consultants Peggy Francis and Loma Alexander.


Together Francis and Alexander have partnered to create elegant spas around the world that are inspiring places of beauty and sensuality.  Well renowned in the spa industry as visionaries, together they have created award-winning spas and earned top honors in national publications.  With a belief that spas should not only promote health and relaxation, but also evoke a sense of magic, offering sustainable, earth-friendly practices to every project they touch.


Francis and Alexander are proven experts in developing spas from idea to reality.  Offering an abundance of services, including spa interface design, menu and program development, and opening and operational management, Francis and Alexander spas are some of the best in the world.  As consultants for spas already in existence, Francis and Alexander perform detailed analysis so as to better recommend and revitalize the spa to improve services, and increase ADR, average night stay, and daily revenue.

Experience the magic of a Francis and Alexander Spa.  You’ll discover a unique expertise at any of their award-winning spas.  Such as: Auberge du Soleil – rated 7th Best Spa in the World by Travel & Leisure World’s Best List (2008); Esperanza – Condé Nast Traveler UK (March 2008) #1 Spa in the Americas; 29 Spa at The Mansion on Peachtree– Condé Nast Traveler’s Hot List.  To learn more about Francis and Alexander, or to view their complete portfolio of projects and services, please visit

At Madplum Creative we are proud of Francis and Alexander’s continued success and are thrilled to be in partnership with them, creating an alliance capable of transforming and revitalizing your luxury brand.  Let us know how we can serve your needs by calling us at 925-962-9299.

by Kyle Thieme

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