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Writer Spotlight โ€“ Andrea Carla Michaels


Andrea Carla Michaels

When it comes to words, there are few people better than Andrea Carla Michaels. As Michaels proudly states, โ€œwords are my entire lifeโ€. Madplum Creative is thrilled to have Michaels as a creative resource, utilizing her expertise in naming. Yes, naming. Michaels is a namer, a profession built from her brilliantly unique credentials โ€“ Harvard education, knowledge of Greek, Italian, and French, semiprofessional Scrabble player, zealous observer of pop culture, and renowned constructor of crossword puzzles for The New York Times. Her proficiency with words has even taken her to compete on virtually every major television game show. In 1991, Michaels won a new car on Wheel of Fortune by winning the bonus round where she picked a seven-letter word from the slimmest of clues.

Michaels is a wordsmith in every sense of the word. Follow the link to check out an amazing video of Michaels sharing her passion for words and the construction of crossword puzzles.

Video: Life in Black and White: Part I

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