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Living Large in the World’s Biggest City

When a young, savvy architecture/real estate development team from Mexico City came to us with a dream of making their company the go-to name for luxury housing in Mexico City, we knew we had an incredible opportunity on our hands.

This is no small goal in any city—let alone the world’s largest. To successfully position a brand in a rapidly changing cultural hotspot like Mexico City, we needed to design something agile and responsive that could mold itself to meet changing human needs over time.

These are our favorite kinds of projects. They push us to break outside of our typical work processes, and help us see culture—and the aspects of humanity that exist within it—in a new light. To honor this kind of inspired journey, we developed the name, Punto Destino – “The Point of Destination”.

In a continuously growing city where construction, apartment rentals and marketing are often muddled into one, wildly confusing experience, we worked with Punto Destino to design a brand that puts the desirable neighborhoods first, and the house for sale second.

To do so, we decided to craft a personalized journey based on the key needs of Mexico City’s next generation moving into target neighborhoods. Through studying the current shift in the city’s culture, we discovered that the next generation is in need of better access to information, a new living experience that feels it belongs to them, and the right tools to help them quickly connect to both.

To help provide better access to information, we developed a new website for Punto Destino that allowed home seekers to easily search by their criteria. We then designed and developed an augmented reality mobile app that takes buyers through a live experience of local restaurants, bars and schools as they shop for their perfect home. Like Yelp, it responds intuitively to new restaurant and business openings, making it the perfect tool for a generation whose landscape is always shifting.

To connect the next generation to their neighborhoods in a new way, we developed a custom newspaper, Destino Central, where the company shares local events and restaurant recommendations not just with its residents, but with the wider community around them—helping them to stay informed and active in their neighborhoods, as they take part in building the future of Mexico City, together.

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