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Madplum Creative’s Earth Day Inspiration

Today, Wednesday, April 22nd marks the 45th annual Earth Day. Nations all over the world are holding events and demonstrations that honor a commitment to the international environmental movement. It’s an opportunity for individuals—and brands—to support our world community on global and local levels. With an estimated one billion participants, Earth Day marks the largest civic event in the world, broadening support of environmental programs, rekindling public commitment, building community activism, and perhaps most importantly, inspiring new, more positive ways of thinking.

At Madplum Creative, one of our favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day is with Inspiration Campaign, a project near and dear to our hearts both from a business perspective and on a deeply personal level. Founded by a close friend and collaborator, Robert Bengtson, the Inspiration Campaign is a local Bay Area non-profit committed to a new kind of “people-powered” advertising. Its mission is to combat the negative media messages that inundate us on a daily basis, using love and creativity as reminders of the power and beauty within us all. The Inspiration Campaign website encourages participants to vote on meaningful phrases such as “Humankind. Be Both.” and “Energy follows attention” to be turned into Bay Area billboards and bus-wraps—much-needed breaths of fresh air amidst today’s negative ad clutter that constantly tells us we’re “not enough.”

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Bengtson is also the creator of the moveable, interactive art exhibit “Self-Evidence,” which was on display this past weekend in San Francisco’s Mission District in celebration of Earth Day. The piece was inspired by four main pillars: Self-Reflection, the Feminine, Native American Wisdom, and Community. Central to the installation are twelve plaster casts of real women (including one of Madplum Creative President, Shannon Cahoon!). The casts are positioned around an empty “sacred circle” in which visitors are invited to sit and ponder a question being asked. At this year’s Earth Day’s event, Inspiration Campaign asked attendees “Why do you love Earth?” Participants wrote their responses on stylized metal trees which bloomed beautifully with the answers. The result is powerful—self-reflection through art-inspired participation.

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Madplum Creative joins Inspiration Campaign in celebrating this 45th annual Earth Day. It’s an opportunity to take note of what’s truly important, both in advertising and in everyday life. As an agency we are privileged to work with outstanding brands that champion environmental consciousness and are dedicated to something bigger… And we have a feeling 2015 will be our most inspiring year yet.

Cheers to a positivity-fueled Earth Day 2015!

Please take a moment to visit the Inspiration Campaign website and vote on their next positive creation:


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