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Madplum Creative celebrates 10 years of gifting

Madplum Creative is proud to celebrate ten years of brand crafting and experiential “gift giving.” On Friday, June 5th, we threw open the doors of our office to welcome those who have most significantly contributed to our first decade of life, toasting the experiences that have brought us together and collectively dreaming about what the next ten years might bring (and enjoying a few well-deserved libations in the process).

To kick off our celebration, our newly renovated office was transformed into a prime entertaining destination with signature vintage flair. Our conference room and communal working table became gathering places for appetizers and desserts (courtesy of Lafayette’s Postino restaurant—a popular destination for local foodies) while our outdoor patio bartender welcomed guests with drinks including wine, beer, and three signature cocktail options (a Moscow Mule, Dark and Stormy, and Vodka Soda with mint). A vintage outdoor lemonade stand courtesy of our beloved Farmyard Darlings quenched thirsts. The evening’s focal point was our conference room digital whiteboard, which was adorned with two important questions we invited our guests to answer: “Where do you find inspiration?” and “How do you live thoughtfully?” Answers written on the board were captured with our new Equil Smartmarker technology, which saves and streams notes to the cloud for digital sharing and collaboration. As a special favor courtesy of founder Shannon Cahoon, each guest left with a mini succulent and heartfelt scroll message as a thank you for helping to grow the Madplum Dream.

Founder Shannon Cahoon eloquently captured the Madplum Creative gift and “raison d’etre” in her emotional champagne toast:

10 years ago, Clay and I decided to set out on a journey to put our hands into changing the landscape of branding and marketing through quality design. Today, Madplum stands for much more than that. Through strategic planning, impeccable design, and the latest in digital technology, we’re connecting consumers with brands that have something meaningful to share. That is our gift!

Renown photographer Michael Clemens of San Francisco’s Sees the Day was on hand to capture our wonderful memories in the process:







From the entire Madplum Creative family, we’d like to thank our collaborators and dear friends for helping to make our 10 Year Anniversary such as success. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. Cheers to the next decade of working to make the world a more beautiful place, one brand at a time.


A very special thanks to:

Main Street Properties, Floret, Farmyard Darlings, Sees The Day Photography, Postino Restaurant, and all the entire Madplum Team near and far who traveled in to celebrate with us!

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