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Madplum and Nourish Organic: living well with Naturally, Danny Seo magazine

At Madplum Creative, we’ve always felt that our work should be a direct reflection of our personal values. As artists, creatives, and marketers, we have a responsibility to ensure that our work brings something meaningful to the world.

Nourish Organic is a client that perfectly aligns with our values at Madplum Creative. As the world’s first USDA certified organic skincare product, Nourish is committed to skincare and beauty products that are “Good for You. Good for the Earth.” It’s a promise Madplum stands squarely behind, and a mission we’re honored to be a part of. Our work on developing brand identity and packaging for the Nourish Organic line speaks to the transparently pure nature of the products and seeks to remind the world that beauty is so much more than skin deep.

Recently, Nourish Organics came to us with an incredible opportunity to spend an afternoon with America’s leading sustainable living guru, Danny Seo, and his team at Naturally, Danny Seo magazine. Madplum founders Shannon and Clay Cahoon reflected on how they live naturally on a daily basis, including using Nourish Organic products. “Nourish Organic is a brand built from my heart,” says Shannon. “You can’t get a cleaner, more pure skin-care product. It’s a line I feel good about consuming and putting on my children as well.” It’s a peek into the lives of Shannon and Clay, proving that Nourish Organic products not only fit into our client portfolio, but into our everyday lives as well.

We hope that the story told through the lens of Danny’s inspiring new magazine will help you to consider more thoughtful methods of creation and consumption —whether it’s in your work, your family, or on your own journey to finding better ways to live naturally at home.

Check out the Spring 2015’s Naturally Danny Seo magazine article here. And pick up an issue now available on newsstands and at Whole Foods Market stores.

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