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Laughing Giraffe Expo West booth—Madplum designs big for a small space

Earlier this month, Madplum Creative had the opportunity to attend the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim—an event we look forward to every year. It’s always wonderful to support some of our favorite clients and also a chance to introduce Madplum to brands that share our commitment to natural and sustainable products.

When our local Laughing Giraffe client came to us with the request for a new booth design to showcase at Expo West, we knew it had to be something truly special. And with over 70,000 anticipated attendees, the brand definitely needed a way to stand out in a unique and buzz worthy way. The challenge was to infuse bold personality in a limited space and allow Laughing Giraffe to shine as a key player in the natural snacking space… all with under a month of production time before we hit the floor at Expo.

Laughing Giraffe is a local client located just down the street from our Madplum office, which was a huge help in kicking off a collaborative creative process. First and foremost, we wanted the booth to feel intimate, family-oriented, and representative of the brand’s core values. We drew inspiration from the bold, clean, organic-feeling packaging we had previously designed for their line of products and tapped an illustrator to begin sketching designs that leaned into the warmth of a home kitchen or picnic table gathering.




We complemented the aesthetic by enlisting the help of our neighbors at Farmyard Darlings to source reclaimed redwood from old barns to use as a canvas. The wood was whitewashed to ensure Laughing Giraffe’s bright colors and packaging would pop off and command the spotlight. Naturally, the product itself needed to be center stage, so the layout was built around a communal serving table for sampling. We ensured a welcome pop of color with a collage backdrop featuring the Laughing Giraffe “Eat Well, Be Well, Live Better” tagline, lifestyle photography, fun quotes, and bright colors. We also included an abundance of fresh fruit and lush plants for staging as a nod to the brand’s natural and sustainable roots. The finished design aesthetic felt uniquely Laughing Giraffe—clean, bright, friendly, natural, and welcoming to the whole family.

At Madplum Creative, we love assignments that challenge us to look at things a little differently, and this Expo West booth was an exercise in thinking big within a small space. We received countless compliments from many Expo attendees, but at the end of a long day, a happy client was all the thanks we needed.



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