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Madplum Creative was privileged to work hand in hand with PSI (Population Services International), a global health network dedicated to ending extreme poverty in developing nations with a focus on women as catalysts for change. We were charged with building a brand of game-changing beauty in the world of philanthropy. Our mission: to give life to the organization in a way that would be worthy of their incredible mission.

First and foremost, Madplum Creative embarked on defining Maverick Collective’s unique approach: a dedication to “invested investing” championing real-life, tangible involvement— essentially a paradigm shift in the world of philanthropy. To help articulate their mission, we identified and designed four key participation stages—Pilot, Learn, Leverage, and Scale—bringing clarity and approachability to their ambitious model.

With the groundwork set, Madplum Creative was ready to leap into creative development. This included extending our design work to all brand touchpoints including collateral and presentation templates, stationery, emails, as well setting the stage for our website design and video storytelling. In order to ensure Maverick Collective visually stood out as a new and unparalleled approach, we took careful stock of the philanthropic landscape, determining what others were doing and how they were communicating it. We found clear commonalities in the space: bright, saturated colors, busy, text-heavy composition, and poverty-focused imagery. In the end, we found that we could set the Maverick Collective brand apart using a look that was equal parts bold, informative, confident, hand-crafted, and above all, empowering.

In May 2016, Maverick Collective was officially unveiled at the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event marks the largest global conference in the health, rights, and well-being of girls and women in the last decade. Melinda Gates announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be contributing $80 million towards collecting data about the specific problems facing the world’s female population—and putting that information to good use. Madplum Creative could not be more proud to have helped launch this incredible philanthropy, giving a face of empowerment to a powerful vehicle for global change. Explore the incredible projects of these remarkable women and how we brought them to life at

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