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Plum Pride—Everyday Valentine

At Madplum Creative, our team members are much more than just creative assets, they become our dear friends. We’ve always shared a deep commitment to supporting those who passionately and unapologetically pursue their dreams, which is why we couldn’t be happier for one of our very favorite Plums, graphic designer Trina Spiller, as she officially launches her Everyday Valentine line of greeting cards and art prints. Trina’s collection of 20 cards and prints is not only beautifully designed with her unique stamp of hand-drawn, personalized appeal, but also written from a deeply human place—irreverent, heartfelt, slightly awkward, and just the right amount of cheeky. From cards celebrating love and friendship to birthdays, holidays, and other not-to-miss life events, Everyday Valentine cards speak perfectly to every occasion and are guaranteed to make the recipient feel special.

Trina’s inspiration for launching the Everyday Valentine card line came during a nine-week trip that she and her boyfriend took to New Zealand, during which they purchased a van (named “Chippie”), setting off to explore the widest reaches of the North and South Islands. During her adventure, Trina dedicated time to quite literally put pen to paper, sketching ideas around what she would want to say to mothers, how she would want to express excitement about a friend’s new baby, what words she would use to thank her best friend, or how she might convey love to someone who was in pain. Her sketches soon filled the notebook and took on a life of their own… and when she returned home, she set to making her Everyday Valentine dream a reality.

Madplum Creative stands fully behind Everyday Valentine’s commitment to “Inspiring a heart focused life”—a pledge to lead less with the head and more with the heart. According to Trina, “a heart focused life is a human life. It has room for all that we are: imperfect, shy, messy, loving, unsure, resilient, vulnerable, sometimes blind, faithful, doubtful, flawed, beautiful, loving…” It’s about celebrating beauty in the imperfections that make us unique. We couldn’t agree more!

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In the true Madplum spirit of “gift giving,” Everyday Valentine cards and prints capture a unique and inspired take on the range of human emotion, elevating everyday sentiments to levels of heartfelt beauty.

Visit the Everyday Valentine online store here to find the perfect gift that speaks from the heart, to the heart.

Congratulations, Trina!

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