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How Video Storytelling is Key to Digital Marketing

As more and more people come to rely on their tablets, cell phones and computers for both entertainment and work purposes, design branding in the form of video marketing has become a key component in the art of digital marketing. In fact, recent studies have shown that many brand marketers are moving their budgets away from television advertising and investing in online video to help better reach their target consumer base. Brands large and small are taking advantage of this unique platform to create a narrative that can be viewed everywhere from YouTube to Facebook and even Instagram. With this exciting and creative video storytelling option, digital marketing is entering an entirely new era.

A Perfect Match: Video Storytelling and Brand Marketing

While the idea behind brand storytelling isn’t an entirely new, the popularity of social media and content marketing has created a shift in culture. This also creates a wealth of opportunity for those who want to make video storytelling a priority. At Madplum Creative, we know that through the art of thoughtful video storytelling, brand marketing can be used to captivate, engage and create an emotional connection with your consumers. Whether you choose to invest in a big budget advertising campaign or a fun and transparent short story detailing your company history, engaging your target audience through honest storytelling is the best way to leave a lasting impression.
Some of the most important principles behind online storytelling include:

1. Speaking Truthfully

Honesty and transparency are extremely important when it comes to successful brand marketing. While it is true that you are creating a story, that doesn’t mean you should turn away from the reality behind your products, industry and brand. Inconsistencies will only confuse your target audience and cause them to turn elsewhere to work with a brand they can trust.

2. Creating Characters with Personality

Good video branding isn’t about creating an advertisement or boring sales pitch. This type of digital marketing is a way to connect with your consumer through the art of storytelling. Think of this medium as the chance to infuse your brand personality into memorable characters that consumers can relate to. Your audience will love to watch videos where they have a character that is likable and someone that they can cheer on.

3. Following a Basic Structure

Good video storytelling consists of a beginning, a middle and an end. Give your audience a chance to get to know your characters, introduce the main conflict in the story and always show a resolution. A complete story arc is necessary to engage your viewers and keep them coming back for more, instead of turning their focus elsewhere.

South Bay Construction Benefits from Good Storytelling


Recently, our team had the pleasure of working with South Bay Construction —one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier commercial construction companies for the last 38 years— on evolving their brand from the ground up. This fun and exciting project presented the perfect opportunity to highlight the company’s trusted reputation and exquisitely crafted buildings through the art of digital storytelling. In addition to shifting the centerpiece of their digital brand experience towards a new website, we were able to draw new web traffic to the site each month with the help of thoughtful and intriguing video content.

Ion™ at Home and Digital Storytelling


Another amazing opportunity for us at Madplum Creative came with the challenge of increasing Sally Beauty’s Ion at Home brand exposure through the digital lens. Through our process of project storyboarding, talent acquisition and onsite management, we crafted a narrative that focused on the Ion at Home brand while communicating a story that felt down to earth, real, and above all, approachable. We created an interactive stylist tool called the Ion Color Coder to bring hair color out of the salon and into the home. Our four “how-to” videos helped further the Ion™ at Home story, connecting with consumers, instilling confidence, and making Ion hair color and hair tools a breeze to work with.

At Madplum Creative, we believe that visual storytelling is a powerful tool to help build brand identity and reach consumers where it matters most. It’s a way to not just talk “at” an audience, but create a dialogue resulting in long-lasting relationships and brand affinity. Through the art of visual storytelling, companies from fortune 500s to mom-and-pops have the capacity to emerge as leaders in the digital marketing space. As technology continues to shape the world in which we live, our brand communication tactics must also evolve. And at Madplum Creative, we believe that video storytelling—when done right—is an essential tool for success in any brand’s marketing toolbox.

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