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The Art of Gift Giving and Thoughtfully Magazine

At Madplum Creative, we believe in approaching life passionately and thoughtfully in everything we do and this is especially true when it comes to the very special art of gift giving. For our team, this could mean finding the most perfect and unexpected gift to surprise a loved one or thoughtfully creating an engaging consumer experience when working with our clients.

The Art of Gift Giving

Giving a gift to someone important is much more than just a physical exchanging of objects. We believe it is a special way to communicate with and send a clear message to the recipient of each gift. When you approach gift giving with thoughtfulness and choose a present with meaning, your gift can become a wish for the recipient’s happiness.

Gift Giving Principles

Anyone can give a truly thoughtful gift by following a few key gift giving steps:


Meaningful gift giving starts by paying close attention to what your giftee says and what their main goals are. Although people and clients may drop hints or have a basic idea of what they’re looking for, many don’t come out and ask for what they want, so an observational eye can help you give a gift to be remembered.


Always be sure to consider who you’re giving to instead of simply what you’re giving. Matching a gift to a person or company’s unique personality shows you’ve taken the time to see the recipient for who they are and considered what they like best. You’re sure to get the best possible results when you truly understand recipient’s personality.


Unique gifts that involve a lot of time and effort on the gifters part, or those that are more rare, can be especially meaningful because of the amount of thought put into the gift itself. There are so many different options out there when it comes to giving a truly memorable gift, but we believe giving our time and creativity are the best ways to leave a lasting impression.

Madplum Creative Featured in Thoughtfully Magazine




Living with purpose, passion, thoughtfulness and creativity are important aspects of how both Madplum Creative and Thoughtfully Magazine approach the world around us. Madplum Creative founder Shannon Cahoon was featured in Issue 3 of Thoughtfully Magazine, sharing how the Madplum Creative brand and team are committed to living thoughtfully through the work and sharing thoughtful ideas with our clients. Whether this is expressed in working with a client or gift giving with loved ones, approaching each of our relationships with empathy, creativity and thoughtfulness is paramount.

Madplum Creative and the Gift Giving Process




At Madplum Creative, the gift giving process is something we take very seriously. We pride ourselves on partnering with clients and products that are gifts to the world, wrapping them with brand identity and delivering them through artful marketing strategies, seeking to surprise and delight new audiences who would never know about the gift our clients have to offer.


When working with our clients, creating an authentic brand and personalized relationship with a customer base is part of our very unique and creative gift giving process. From taking the time to observe your company and your brand goals to better understanding your brand personality and how you want to be presented to the world through marketing, we are able to give the gift of building a strong relationship with your target audience.

Thoughtful Gift Giving builds lasting relationships

For the team at Madplum Creative, we learned early on that the art of gift giving can be translated into branding and the identity process for our clients. By approaching this process with the same passion, creativity and thoughtfulness that we put into gift giving, we are better able to serve each client. For us, branding is much more than just a pretty logo or cool catch phrase. We believe that branding is the best way to communicate who you are and what you’re all about to your clients. By following our own thoughtful ideas and the art of gift giving in all that we do, we are able to create lasting and special relationships with each and every company we work with.

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