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Madplum Creative was born from a simple passion for authenticity and invention. Long before the business was launched, founder Shannon Cahoon and her husband Clay shared a love for finding unique, personalized gifts for family and friends, exploring street fairs, antique stores, and local markets in search of
the perfect treasures.

From the art of discovery to the creation of packaging and thoughtful presentation, their gift-giving process soon became a craft, which in turn became a passionate and thriving business. Each step of the Madplum process carries a commitment to surprise, delight, and celebrate the human experience.


We believe that the act of participation helps shape the world around us. Our role is to connect brands to their consumers through thoughtful experiences that drive value and meaning. This perspective is our north star, shaping everything we do and inspiring us to only accept projects that challenge us to give more.


Madplum Creative works at the intersection of brand strategy,
design and artisanal craftsmanship.

Our human centered design process marries smart strategy with artistic talent,
to create brand experiences that make people feel more alive.

We call this unique process, “Brand Crafting”.

Mad Plum Creative Team
Mad Plum Creative Team
Mad Plum Creative Team
Mad Plum Creative Team
Mad Plum Creative Team
Mad Plum Creative Team
Mad Plum Creative Team
Mad Plum Creative Team
Mad Plum Creative Team


We believe in creating work that facilitates “BETTER,” instead of just “MORE.” Quality over quantity is at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to work with people and brands that challenge us in positive ways. When we invest passion and effort in our work, we believe we get back a greater human experience—not just for our clients, but also for ourselves.

We work with a wide variety of clients around the globe: organic food, lifestyle and beauty brands, wineries, fashion and design brands, luxury travel, real estate, architecture and construction firms, just to name a few. We are always on the lookout for new brands that seek to create authentic experiences through customer engagement with meaningful content.

What our Clients Say

Madplum Creative has thrived as a 99% referral-based business. By developing a referral system, we’ve created a company culture based on servicing our clients. Happy customers are our sales force and what keeps us pushing to learn and grow.

  • From inception, the Madplum team got us. They understood we wanted a new look and feel backed by heavy digital marketing strategy, all the while not losing our connection to our values and mission. Seamless doesn't even begin to explain how easy it was to work with this team. Madplum over-delivered on their already exceptional commitment. Thank you Madplum team, You complete us!
    — Sara Menke, Founder and CEO, Premier Talent Partners

  • I've never met people with their rare combination of being wildly creative as well as being supremely concerned about doing the right thing. They care about my business almost as much as I do. They sweat the details and spend every penny wisely (as if it were their own). I've never worked with creatives like that. They're so, so, so, so gifted. Monster talents they are. They're so good I don't think I'll ever work with anyone else
    — Pam, The Curious Company, Co-Founder

  • Intuitive, inspired design, and flawless execution made the work Madplum did for kate spade perfect in every way from reference and tone to production values and process. They are strategic, attentive, and passionate about delivering creative solutions to their clients. A joy to work with.
    — Julia, kate spade, EVP, Creative Director

  • Working with Madplum Creative is fascinating, and the best part is getting real results. We have achieved an identity that has given us an edge, making our product special and unique, thanks to the creative and very well thought process.
    — Alberto, Grupo Anima (Punto Destino), Principal

  • Finding a design firm that can so perfectly marry strategic thinking with outstanding creative is nearly impossible to find. But that’s exactly how I would describe Madplum Creative. When designing the branding strategy for our launch of Nourish Organic, the team’s deep understanding of the critical strategic challenges facing the first USDA certified organic skincare brand on the market was outstanding and allowed the creative work to…. well, work. But the proof is in the performance. Nourish Organic—today is one of the fastest growing brands in the natural market—more than doubling each and every year since its launch. And if that all wasn’t perfect enough, they are respectful of timelines, care about costs and couldn’t be a nicer group of people to work with.
    — Rob, Sensible Organics, CEO

  • Madplum Creative has been instrumental in strengthening the Ion Color Brilliance brand. Their attention to detail propelled the brand into the 21st century, with an amazing website, blog support, and highly successful marketing and social media campaigns. They are the first agency I have worked with that took a vested interest in understanding the brand and demographics of such a wide customer base with unique facets. I only wish our partnership would have started years ago!
    — Stacey, Director of Exclusive Label, Sally Beauty

  • TCA Architects embarked on a nationwide search for a company to re-design our website and re-brand our company. From a highly talented group of finalists, we selected Madplum Creative out of Lafayette, CA. The results are everything we hoped for and asked for. Our website is clean, crisp, edgy, easy to navigate and memorable. The Madplum team listened to us and they delivered.
    — Thom, Founder & CEO, TCA Architects, Inc.

  • Before we had even awarded the re-design of our website to Madplum, the team was invested in visiting Martis Camp, getting to know who we are and learning about our business. They reviewed with us how our website could be more functional and better serve our audience. Madplum’s design aesthetic is educated, refined, hand-crafted, and pairs perfectly with the grand vision for Martis Camp. Every step was documented in an online project management system that tracked each discussion, revision, approval, and deliverable. Given its size, I don’t think our website could have been successfully created and launched so quickly without this approach. Madplum was wise, tech-savvy, creative, incredibly responsive, gracious, and just plain fun to get to know.
    — Kelly, Martis Camp, Creative Director

  • My business isn't something I do, it's who I am. On my website I didn't just need my eye to come through, I needed my voice. Madplum Creative knew when to give me the reins, and more importantly, when to take them away.
    — Dave, Artefact Design & Salvage, Owner


Mad Plum Creative South Bay


We are dedicated to working with people, companies, and ideas that have the power to redefine human joy. We believe that the commitment to making good things exceptional has the power to shift perspectives, redefine expectations, inspire change, and alter our interactions with each other and the world around us.

Mad Plum Creative South Bay