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South Bay Construction Goes Digital

Since 1978, South Bay Construction has delivered construction services in the Bay Area while pursuing a dedication to trust, commitment and resolve. Through their passionate delivery of straightforward and ethical business decisions, South Bay Construction became essential to Bay Area growth.

With clients like 23andMe, Shazam, Alibaba and Baidu, South Bay Construction not only delivered on their promises, but created an impressive list of clientele, which is why we at Madplum Creative have loved working with this unique and established brand for nearly over a decade. Just like South Bay Construction and their own projects, we started with them from the ground up when it came to creating and positioning their unique brand. By focusing on their company mission, we created the tagline, “Relationships Built on Trust” and have cultivated their company’s presence to showcase just that. After laying the groundwork and building over the years their brand identity, advertising, internal support, and even interior design, it was time to move more into the digital realm.

SBC Goes Digital

From the start, we helped them reimagine their online experience. Our primary goal was to start with the centerpiece of their digital branding experience—their website. We wanted to create and build interactive content for the site that would connect with their consumers. To achieve that we added:

  • Brand and case study videos
  • A dynamic work gallery to showcase projects
  • Get-A-Quote form for client prospects potential clients
  • A registration and download link for the Cost Calculator app
  • And to continue SBC’s growth, a join-the-team form

The website, however, was only one piece of the puzzle moving forward in their digital experience. Through content marketing we were able to target specific demographics and connect through interesting and exciting articles to help their audience gain larger insight into the construction industry. Our content marketing efforts also brought us into the realm of video productions. South Bay Construction has constructed beautifully crafted buildings and spaces and it was our goal to highlight their work. Through a curation of featured video content we were able to highlight the best of their work as a means to draw new visitors to their website every month, as well as display the craftsmanship that is delivered by South Bay Construction.

The final piece of the digital experience puzzle was to distribute their content through email. It was through this medium that we were able to continually engage with their audience of developers, broker,, architects, tenants, and subcontractors.

Building Off of the Foundation of SBC


Over time our efforts have helped South Bay Construction gain over one million impressions in six months time since the launch of their site. The average cost per impression is roughly $25.00 and through our digital branding efforts, South Bay Construction is operating at roughly $7.75 per impression, saving them an average of $17,000 to date. Their site traffic is made up of 70% completely new visitors. 53% of that traffic comes directly from search engines, a 10% growth from the previous year. However our results did not stop at just impressions. Content marketing has become another tool to increase traffic, with it resulting in an increase of 25% percent month over month.


Without the well crafted ideals and company mission of South Bay Construction, our efforts could not have been as successful. Working with an organization that understands and values the importance of honesty, integrity and relational partnerships allows us to create our best work. At Madplum Creative we seek to not only partner with great brands, but great brands with meaning and purpose. South Bay Construction is the most recent example of our team pursuing excellent work. We didn’t stop at delivering a website, but rather we sought to invest in an organization’s growth and overall market well-being, and we continue to do so to this day.

It is through brand crafting that we can seamlessly align our passion with the passion of others. We invite you to check out both our work and the beautifully crafted buildings at

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