New Year’s Resolutions for Your Brand

Ah the New Year. A time for new beginnings and an opportunity to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make. The New Year allows us a chance to evaluate ourselves and make personal commitments. For many of us we’ll resolve to get healthy, spend more time with family and friends, and get out of debt. But what commitments are we thinking about for our businesses or brands? Let’s take this annual excuse for a clean slate to set forth resolutions that will make 2012 the best year ever for your business. Here are some suggestions:

Revisit and Refine Your Purpose
Take the time to look back at your mission and vision and ask if you were living it in 2011. Make sure everyone on your team knows what the purpose is, and what is expected of him or her. Look for creative ways to bring it to life with your team.

Set Some Big Goals
Set at least one wild and audacious goal for 2012, something you’ve never tried before. Share the goal with your team and challenge them to play their part to achieve it. Don’t forget to celebrate the small victories and successes on the way.

Audit Your Social Media Strategy
A SM assessment is an easy resolution to begin the year. Be sure that 2012 is the year your Social Media efforts yield results.

Dare to be Different.
Take bold steps to stand out from the crowd. Look at what you did well in 2011 and what you could have done differently. In this ever-increasing competitive marketplace, be sure to differentiate yourself from the masses.

Do you have other suggestions for resolutions that will allow businesses and brands to prosper in 2012? Feel free to share them in our comment section.

From our family here at Madplum Creative, we wish you and yours the happiest of holidays, and look forward to what the New Year has in store.  Here’s to 2012!

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